Ride in Peace, Editor ‘Arris

I wish this was starting on a brighter note. While mental development of this project has been underway for over a year, the impetus needed to finally dive in has come from a much more sobering event: the tragic death of Robert Harris on May 14, 2016 in Wollaston Township, Ontario.

Warmly known as Editor ‘Arris, Robert Harris served as Editor-in-Chief for Canada Moto Guide and was also the online publication’s founder. CMG is one of Canada’s leading online motorcycle magazines, originally launched in 1998 and becoming a daily online resource for Canadian motorcyclists in 2007.

While I only ever knew him through his work, I am a frequent reader of CMG and a fan of Harris’ style – not only as a motojournalist, but also as a travel writer, motorcycle enthusiast, and humour-slinging expat Brit. Assistant Editor Zac Kurylyk has published a commemorative article featuring Harris’ life at CMG.

Although Harris’ death is a devastating blow to Canadian motojournalism, his enthusiasm for all things motorcycle has left an undeniable impact on the Canadian motorcycle and motojournalism industries. He was a critical component in the Fundy adventure rides and participated in the inaugural Mad Bastards Scooter Rally.

Editor ‘Arris, you will be sorely missed, but forever remembered for your sagaciously fun penmanship.

Cheers and Ride Safe,


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